Visual Basic Extension (.VBX)
An application extension required by programs that are developed using Visual Basic.
.VBX files for public download.
3dlabel.vbx 6kb Download 3dlabel.vbx
anibuton.vbx 54kb Download anibuton.vbx
cloc.vbx 12kb Download cloc.vbx
cmdialog.vbx 9kb Download cmdialog.vbx
dbpush.vbx 12kb Download dbpush.vbx
dbttip.vbx 13kb Download dbttip.vbx
gauge.vbx 14kb Download gauge.vbx
graph.vbx 36kb Download graph.vbx
grid.vbx 23kb Download grid.vbx
mbar.vbx 5kb Download mbar.vbx
mscomm.vbx 12kb Download mscomm.vbx
msoutlin.vbx 13kb Download msoutlin.vbx
picclip.vbx 1kb Download picclip.vbx
pernct2.vbx 1kb Download pernct2.vbx
rotext.vbx 13kb Download rotext.vbx
spin.vbx 9kb Download spin.vbx
ss3d.vbx 26kb Download ss3d.vbx
ss3d2.vbx 36kb Download ss3d2.vbx
threed.vbx 26kb Download threed.vbx
vbmsg.vbx 11kb Download vbmsg.vbx
How to install .VBX files.
Place the .vbx file in the same location as the program executable (.exe).
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